Kanunga Hike (Short version)

Located next to Ndakaini dam, in Muranga county is this short and sweet trail. This hike starts near Ndakaini dam and continues along the road for most of the duration with a few detours through farms and tree lined paths. Near the end of the hike, we finally get to see the very beautiful Kanunga falls which falls down into blue tinted pools where you can swim or relax in

Full day trip

About 2 hours

Nairobi – Thika highway up to Blue Post, then turn onto Thika-Gatura road up to Ndakaini Dam

  1. Hiking level – beginner. Total hiking distance is about 8 km. Most of the hike is along tarmac roads and dirt roads, which makes it friendly for first time hikers


  1. Main attractions – Kanunga falls, swimming, the dam and the river


  1. Type of hike – urban trek with a bit of river trekking


  1. Atmospheric conditions – due to the mid – high altitude and wet area, the weather tends to be cool and wet.


  1. Slipping hazard – medium at the waterfall


  1. Steepness – Minimal elevation changes with maximum change being 70m


  1. Hiking path condition – open roads and paths except at the end when we go down to the waterfall


  1. Water usage – medium – recommend a minimum of 1.5 litre depending on weather


  1. Route visibility – the trail is generally visible except for a few places where the paths can split


  1. Biodiversity – numerous species of insects, birds and trees

Scenery along the trail



Types of hiking paths

Our main objective – Kanunga waterfall – accessible from the top and the bottom too

Kanunga Falls as seen from river level

As seen from the top edge

A swim in these blue tinted waters would be magical

  • Good hiking boots
  • Sun hat – to protect against the sun
  • Water – at least 1.5 litres
  • Snacks and lunch – since we expect to finish latest by 7pm, we recommend you bring snacks and lunch to eat while relaxing at scenic locations along the route
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Elevation Profile

Trail Map