Rurimeria Hike

It’s ideal for intermediate to pro hikers looking for an outdoor adventure and is not beginner friendly. Rurimeria serves as a preparation ground for ascending Mount Kenya, providing first-hand experience with high-altitude summits while honing tough mountaineering skills.


The round trip hiking trail is full of diverse moorland vegetation. It starts at the Gathuthi Primary School, where you ascend to the first false summit at 3,480m ASL. You will then cover a steadily increasing steep 1.5 km stretch to the second false summit at 3590m ASL. From here the path continues upwards again to the third and final false summit at 3790m ASL. There is a gentle 2.7km stretch before you actually ascend Rurimeria’s summit which stands 3,860m ASL, this should be about a total of 7.5km. You then head back the same route making the total distance covered close to 15km. The hike takes around 7-8 hours when you pace yourself moderately.


Hike researched in June 2024 and written by Carleen Chumba (you can follow her here on instagram )


Full day trip

Due to the nature of the roads, we expect to arrive at 8:30, latest 9am. It can take 3.5-4 hours to get there


We’ll be using Waiyaki way, followed by Naivasha highway up to the flyover junction – then turn at Njabini, pass through Ndunyu Njeru and finally the starting point


  1. Hiking level – Difficult. Total hiking distance is around 15km. Factors contributing to difficult hiking experience include the long distance, uphill terrain, high altitude, cold unpredictable weather and low atmospheric oxygen at the higher altitudes.


  1. Main attractions – Diverse vegetation, insects, flora, birds and stunning views of the Aberdare Ranges.


  1. Type of hike – High altitude hill/mountain hike.


  1. Atmospheric conditions – tends to be cold, foggy, wet, cloudy or with chances of hail.


  1. Slipping hazard – High, it is steep and rocky. Proper footwear with good grip will be needed


  1. Steepness – Total elevation change is 950m over 7.5 km and is continuously steep and has majorly rocky paths.


  1. Hiking path condition – A lot of narrow single file trails in most sections, if it rains some parts may be muddy.


  1. Water usage – Medium to high. Recommend a minimum of 2.5 litres depending on weather.


  1. Route visibility – Trail is marked with ribbons. Its a clear path. However fog may make it difficult to see.


  1. Biodiversity – Numerous species of insects, flora, birds, mice and diverse vegetation.
The starting point at Gathuthi primary school – by around 8:30am
Past the electric fence and gentle start of hike.
Pretty soon it starts to get rocky
Heading to the 1st “false summit”
The first false summit
The second false summit covered by fog
Vegetation covering the stretch to the third false peak.
The third and final false peak
The final stretch leading to the actual summit
Rurimeria outcrop forming the peak
Views from the top of Rurimeria

  • Good hiking boots, walking stick
  • Sun hat – to protect against the sun
  • Rain gear to protect against rain/hailstones
  • Dress very warmly, include gloves and a raincoat/poncho.
  • Water – at least 2.5 litres
  • Snacks and lunch – since we expect to start at 8:30am and finish latest by 6pm, we recommend you bring snacks and lunch to eat to re-energise
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