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This is a high elevation gain hike with a difficult rating. The hike is in Aberdares national park and covers a total distance of 15-16 km, the elevation change is almost 1000m and reaches a summit of 3860m. The hike starts and ends at the same point

This hike is suitable for preparing for the Mt. Kenya hike since the elevation change is high and goes up to mountain altitudes


You can read more about the hike at the Rurimeria Hike Description


The cost of the hike will cover

  • Transport by bus from Nairobi CBD and back
  • Entry fees for Kenyan/resident adults. For non residents, the cost will be an additional 52 USD – this may change based on KWS rate changes
  • Ranger fees
  • Emergency Water and light snacks

The hike is not recommended for kids except for teenagers already doing moderate hikes – please also note that all kids must be accompanied by an adult

To answer your questions on our meet up location, payment process and more, please check the FAQs page

Note: cost may change depending large changes in fuel or changes in entry fees. Changes will be communicated to all who have registered

Cover photo taken by Carleen Chumba and you can Check her on Instagram

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