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Samburu region is a unique biodiversity hotspot as well as a region of remarkable scenery and formations. They host wildlife such as lions, cheetahs, elephants, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, dik-dik and even leopards as well as hundreds of species of birds


For this event, we’re planning to visit:

  • Samburu National Reserve on day 1
  • Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and Buffalo Springs National Reserve on day 2
  • Buffalo Springs National Reserve on day 3

Day 1

  • Our journey starts from Nairobi at 6am with a drive to Samburu National reserve – we’ll have a couple of washroom breaks along the way
  • When we get to Archer’s post around 12:30, we’ll safely store our luggage at the camp and then go on afternoon safari until 6pm or so.
  • This will be followed by dinner at our camp and recap of the day


Oxpecker on giraffe


Day 2

  • We’ll have breakfast from 6:30 to 7:15 and then leave the camp at 7:30am
  • Our journey will involve a drive north towards Mt. Ololokwe and we continue on and turn towards Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. The orphanage is located inside Namunyak Conservancy
  • The road to Reteti is quite rough and takes a while, hence be ready for several twists and turns
  • Along the way we will take a short detour to see the famous rock painting of an elephant
  • We expect to get to Reteti by 10:30am where we will be given a tour of the grounds where we are likley to see several reticulated giraffe as well as other orphaned species of wildlife
  • Reteti is host to several orphaned elephants and our main aim is to see them up close during their feeding time at midday. Please note that we are not allowed to touch the elephants
  • After our visit, we’ll get back to the main highway, have our packed lunch at a convenient spot
  • We’ll return to Archer’s post and do a short afternoon/evening safari at Buffalo Springs National Reserve from 3:30pm to 6pm
  • Thereafter will be our dinner at the camp


Day 3

  • The following morning will find us having early breakfast at the camp from 5:45am
  • We expect to check out and leave the camp at 6:30am
  • Our destination will be Buffalo Springs where we will start with the swimming at their famous blue pools – this is the highlight of the safari where we expect to spend at least an hour and half at the pools
  • Once we’re done with the pools by 10am or so – we’ll do a quick tour of the reserve just in case there’s anything interesting and then exit by 11am
  • Thereafter will be the return drive to Nairobi with a quick stopover at Nanyuki for lunch





Natural pool at Buffalo Springs


We will be staying at Umoja Womens Camp  on full board basis


The cost of the trip is 27,000 Kshs and covers:

  • Transport and game drives with a tour van for the 3 days
  • Entry fees for Kenyan adults at the 3 locations
  • Half board stay on the first night and full board stay for the 2nd night at Umoja Women’s camp
  • Light snacks on day 1.
  • We will also be giving out binoculars to use during the safari for better viewing experiences. We have 14 pairs of binoculars that will be shared out amongst attendees – this is at no extra cost and is part of the package
  • If you can pay a deposit of 7000 before Aug, then we’ll offer a discount of 3000 per person – therefore it would be 24,000


Please note that Umoja Women’s camp have rooms enough for 16 people only – therefore space is limited. They have 6 twin rooms and 4 single rooms


To answer your questions on our meet up location, payment process and more, please check the FAQs page


Note: cost may change depending large changes in fuel or changes in entry fees. Changes will be communicated to all who have registered

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