Sagana Gorges and Kiambicho Hills Hike

There’s a certain fascination that people have with patterns and shapes and when the patterns are otherworldly, then the interest is really high


Sagana region in Muranga is host to some fantastic ground formations where erosion has carved out gullies and small canyons in the bed rock. These gorges constitute the highlight of the hike where we traverse across green spaces, cross Sagana river over a skeleton bridge, climb up a smooth table like hill and finally reach down to the gorges


Clocking in at 10-11km with a gradual elevation change, this hike falls into beginner-moderate category with the weather being the main reason for moderate tag.


Elevation change is about 250m with the lowest point being at the river crossing at 1122m and the highest point being at Kiambicho hill at 1374m

Full day trip

Being 100km from Nairobi and along the new highway, the journey is expected to take 2 hours to get to the starting point. It may be a few minutes longer depending on the pick ups,  washroom breaks and traffic

  1. Hiking level – beginner – moderate. Total hiking distance is about 10.5 km. Factors contributing to moderate hiking experience include the high temperatures, lack of breeze and dry vegetation on the other side of Kiambicho hill


  1. Main attractions – Sagana river, Kiambicho Hill, views, Sagana Gorges


  1. Type of hike – hill hike with woodland forest


  1. Atmospheric conditions – tends to be hot with humidity being high in wet months.


  1. Slipping hazard – most of the trail is very firm and has low slipping hazard. The only parts that could cause falls are during the descent from the hill when we encounter eroded trails


  1. Steepness – the gradient is generally gentle for the hill climb and we will not encounter prolonged steep sections anywhere


  1. Hiking path condition – most of the paths are generally well trodden though vegetation may cover up sections of the trails


  1. Water usage – medium to high – recommend a minimum of 2.5 litre depending on weather


  1. Route visibility – the trail is generally visible except for a few places where the paths can split


  1. Biodiversity – numerous species of birds, insects and trees

The hike starts next to a small petrol station along the main highway. Our start takes us over dirt roads that pass by some camps and we even come close to the famous bungee jumping site at Sagana


Near the beginning of the hike
The skeleton bridge that crosses Sagana River – the bridge does move around a bit but it’s still sound
Views as we start the climb up the slopes of Kiambicho Hill
Trails near the top of the hill have been well formed to allow access for larger groups
One of the viewpoints from the hill that offers panoramic scenes
One of the attractions is this set of ruins of an old Mau Mau era detention camp
The highlight of the hike – Sagana/Muranga Gorges. We can enter the gorges and explore it for an hour or so
A new set of gorges being formed just meters away from the bigger complex
Just a few meters from the gorges is the old meter gauge railway


Once done with the hike, we’ll have our bus pick us up and return to Nairobi

  • Good hiking boots
  • Sun hat, sunglasses, bandana
  • Water – at least 2.5 litres
  • Snacks and lunch
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