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Hiking levels

No 2 hikes are exactly the same and with every  hike, there are different elements that come into play
From the length of the hike to the elevation change to kind of terrain and more. We have categorised our hikes into the following broad categories

The very starting point for all hikers.

  • The terrain is typically very flat or gently sloping
  • Length of the hike is shorter than 10km
  • There is plenty of time to finish the hike
  • The ground is very open and smooth for easy walking

Moving onto something that offers more for those wanting to take things a step further

  • Hiking distance can be longer, up to 12km
  • Elevation might change a lot in 1 or 2 sections, eg, going down to a waterfall or climbing a short hill.
  • Elevation change could be up to 300m from lowest to highest point
  • Some paths might have tighter spaces

Hikes where either the distances involved are longer or there is a greater elevation change or both

  • Distance can be up to 16km
  • Elevation change can be up to 700m from lowest to highest point
  • Weather can play a contributing factor on increasing the challenge of the hike
  • Terrain may have loose stones or steep slopes where slipping is a real possibility
  • Hiking distance can be up to 20km
  • Elevation change could be up to 1000m difference
  • Numerous ups and downs
  • Harsh weather

The hardest of them all – only for those that really want to push themselves and get into mountain climbing or endurance testing

  • Hiking distance of over 20km
  • Elevation change of over 1000m
  • Time barred for doing the hike slowly – speed is essential
  • Harsh weather and tough terrain
  • Frequent ups and downs or constant climbing with few rest stops